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  • Alexandros Gardens

    Two floors, three bedrooms detached villas with private swimming pool.

  • Elysee Villa

    The luxury villa comprises 3 levels, consist of 4 bedroom with unsuited bathroom and walking wardrobes, 5 bathrooms, big basement with natural light included spa room with sauna, hammam, covered parking etc.


  • Gardenia Villa

    Gardenia villa consist of 4 bedrooms, master bedroom with unsuited bathroom and walking wardrobes,5 bathrooms and basement with natural light spa room.


The Schengen concept is to take care of and assist international investors looking for access to properties and right of residence by offering them attractive countries and tailor made housing projects.

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switzerland flag transparentThe Swiss holding company controls 70% of the capital of each operating subsidiary, the balance being in the hands of local outstanding professionals forming a mix of development specialists and of sales promotion. The main focus and spirit of the local companies are quality and service either directly or through solid alliances.


glbIt starts from the selection of the locations to be proposed, includes the choice of the materials, equipment and design used in or applied to each developed project and encompasses all the related services from maintenance, healthcare, schooling, contact with authorities, support for visas as well as legal assistance.

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The Schengen group makes it different because of its strong local roots in the respective countries of operations, its full command of the entire process from construction up to turn-key delivery or its experience and ability to access the best locations in terms of land and building.

 The group guarantees the formal remittance of the property deeds, be initially related to the land and then to the house. Upon full payment and final delivery, our legal department shall apply to the residence permit under a process which depending on the country involved will take 60 to 90 days.


Thehouse Schengen group because of its numerous relationships worldwide, in Russia, the CIS, East Asia (China among others), India, Latin America (Brazil among others) for instance and of its exclusive network of commercial agents is capable to generate an important volume of transactions welcomed by the countries of “destination” desirous to encourage foreign investment.



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